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The Military Financial Empowerment Academy

Here is a glimpse of some of what we will be discussing!

Take the First Step Toward Financial Wellness

Lack of income is a problem that plagues many military families through no fault of their own. Register for the Military Financial and Life Transition Seminar and gain the confidence and skills needed to make a healthy, happy, and fiscally successful return to civilian life.

Find Career Confidence

Military men and women bring unique value to the workplace. Working together, we’ll uncover ways to translate the skills you learned in service into lucrative employment, all while helping you realize your true calling. 

Master Your Military Benefits 

Navigating the complex world of VA loans, TSP, Survivor Benefit Plan and pensions can be difficult for even the savviest financial mind. Offering forward-thinking financial education and services, we help make your military benefits work for you.

Achieve Personal Empowerment

Challenge your fears about post-military life by examining previously held beliefs. By recognizing your core strengths and identifying your true calling, you can overcome your anxieties and find success in work and life.

Who is this for?

  • Any active duty service member regardless of when you plan to transition.  The sooner you hear this message, then better it is for you!
  • Transitioning Military who are on the right track and seeking next level guidance to capitalize on opportunities
  • Busy individuals who simply are motivated solely by money and aren't interested in checking financial statements each day.  But, I do want to know trusted resources from veterans who've been in my shoes that I can turn to when needed.
  • Military Spouses who have questions about military benefits, or may be interested in entrepreneurial ideas.


Military Transition Blueprint

Use this simple and highly effective one-page blueprint to clarify your priorities and ensure you are following the path you desire.

Complementary Risk Analysis - $500 Value!

Just for attending we will take you through a full financial risk analysis to find any danger or opportunities you may be over-looking.  We can also complete a no-cost or obligation underwriting evaluation to determine your true health class rating.

Free Copy of Scott's New Book!

Be one of the selective few to learn How to Master Your Money, Mission and Life as a Military Veteran before the masses!

A Program for Veterans by Veterans

Created by veterans, this one-of-a-kind seminar is uniquely designed for military members, veterans, and their families.

Who is Scott Tucker?

Scott helps active-duty military and recent veterans plan for healthy transitions to civilian life. On a practical level, this equates to helping clients understand and manage their financial opportunities as they relate specifically to veterans and military personnel. His deeper purpose, however, is to be a guide for fellow veterans in discovering their own purpose.  Our military service may be complete, but our true service to the world is still ahead of us. Scott assists clients in realizing their unique missions in this world and how to prosper by doing so.

Gain Financial Expertise

A successful military transition means mastering the financial tips and tricks need to live the lifestyle you desire. Discover the confidence needed to leave the rat race and find clarity of purpose.


Take It From Someone Who's Been There...

34 percent of Post 9/11 Veterans find it difficult to establish a sense of purpose, value or meaning in post-service life, says 2015 The Blue Star Family Survey. I am one of many to admit that I was part of this statistic. I had no sense of purpose after the military, and I found that I wasn’t alone. In fact, the survey also states that over 50 percent of Veterans aren't working in their preferred career field.

There are "Reality-Based" truths that are either being avoided or the information is shockingly unknown in the Military & Veteran community. If you’re yearning for these truths, then this seminar is for you.

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