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We offer a completely fresh approach to educating the military and veteran community.  Learn more about how you can join the movement below.

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What makes us different?

We are veterans. We made the mistakes so you don't have to.

As a former Army Officer I've been in your shoes.  I remember what its like when Military life is all encompassing. It's almost a chore to think, really think, about what's next for you after the military. I get it... I felt the same way.

When I became a financial professional after leaving the military, I had no idea what I was getting into.  I learned a lot, thats for sure.  I learned about you, active duty military, families and Post 9/11 Veterans.  I learned about the financial questions you have, confusion about military benefits, uncertainty about transition...  

I learned Military spouses want to contribute financially and are seeking entrepreneurial roles rather than succumb to the PCS career killing monster. What kind of financial impact will this have on a military family?

I worked with military families whose father used to "be all about trading stocks in the market" when he was young and single.  But now his priorities have changed, military career and family responsibilities more demanding.  And still... transition looms.  Financial pressure is building, how do I prepare for this and not miss an opportunity?

I remember young officers who had been great savers yet simply were not motivated by money and wanted some simple guidance to help them implement some intention with their paycheck.  

I know fellow veterans who may be successful on paper yet are still itching for that mission they know is burning inside them. Yet, they're stifled by the need for holding a good job... how do you know when an opportunity is worth the financial risk?

I've helped retiring military understand the true value of their military pension.  Trust me when I say, its NOT just another few thousands bucks coming in each month.  No no no... its an asset!  The mindset shift around your true value begs for opportunity and motivates you to protect it for their family.  

We are all Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen or Marines.  We are Veterans.  We are different... but not just because we're Veterans.  We can also enhance that fact by multiplying its with our own true intentions.  Our true self.  This combination of Military skills, experiences, values and camaraderie with you personal knowledge, strengths and desires creates a truly unique opportunity.  

If you learn to grasp this opportunity you can join a movement of veterans who are continuing to lead.  Frankly, we need more of us to stand out as successful pillars of our communities.  Our country is hurting right now, and I'm sure it sickens you as much as me.  

That's why I started Be Financially Fit and the Military Financial Empowerment Platform.  I want to be your trusted resource, guide and motivator as you approach, experience and perpetually continue your "transition."

See... I don't even really like that word, transition.  Its a soft word, defeating.  Like we are expecting the transition to happen to us.  I'm hear to say I did it that way, what we learned in the powerpoint classes, how we wrote the resumes, how I saved my money, the new high paying career I started... and I was miserable.  

Our goal is to help you avoid the misery of uncertainty about your post military life.  A big part of it has to do with money.  So I've combined my real world experiences as a Veteran, financial expertise as a Fiduciary Registered Investment Advisor, and reality based outlook on the abundance available to Veterans in a American during the internet age! 

Our Process

Figuring out your money, what to do with it, and why you're earning it in the first place can be a bit daunting.  So typically a financial plan is printed out with a bunch of charts and graphs that confuse you or make you feel bad...

That's why we do things differently, more simply, intentionally.  Our blueprint process will provide you a One-Page solution to remind you of your daily purpose.  

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What you get as a client:

We are creating a family of growing resources including, financial tools, education, and technology to keep you accountable for your goals.

Financial & Transition Coaching with Scott Tucker

Not everyone needs to meet with a traditional financial advisor on a regular basis.  

But everyone needs someone who has been where they are going to mentor them and offer counseling and guidance.  

You'll get personal access to Scott through VIP Sessions and group coaching.

Investment Management

Regardless of your current money manager or financial professional we have a portfolio to align with your goals.  

Using active asset allocation adjust to volatile markets and exchange traded funds to maximize flexibility and reduce cost.

And you can open an account online in just a few minutes.  

Financial Products & Services

Yes, we are a full service financial firm!  We help you use all the old tools in a modern way so that they align with your intentions.  

As a fiduciary we will be straight forward with our recommendations.  Neither of us has time to beat around the bush.

We help implement low cost solutions with ROTHs, Mutual Funds, TSP, Life Insurance, Rollovers, Real Estate, 401Ks and more...

We can also provide unique solutions to Veteran Owned Businesses.



Autopilot Investment Dashboard

Using the uniquely customizable Autopilot money management platform you will gain complete transparency of your investment potential.  

Get started with a short risk quiz to learn exactly how much your emotions play into your financial decisions.


Get your Risk Number

Life Insurance Replacement

Listen, this topic doesn't need to be scary.  In fact, its actually one of the coolest financial vehicles available.  

Modern advances allow us to go way beyond SGLI, VGLI, Term, Whole Life, or SBP.  

If you can qualify, you have a great opportunity to use Risk Management in a way that not only protects income, it will protect from stock market crash, inflation, taxes, law suits, college financing, and more...

Like Minded Community

I could teach you everything about money and you may still never get rich.  But, learning the skills to enhance your network are in valuable.  Our private FB Community is the perfect place to share ideas, pick up tips and never risk being alone in a crowd no matter where you end up after the military.   

Pension & Survivor Benefit Plan Analysis

Are you or your spouse doing a full 20 year career and looking forward to that pension?

This often overlooked SBP decision could have a six figure impact on your financial future.  

Maybe you ought to have someone take a look...


Who we work with

We noticed a few things over the year about what type of person can benefit most from our approach to financial guidance. Our goal to to be the best fit for you and that you are the best fit for us. We respect your time and money because we respect ours :)

Here's a look are the typical client we are servicing:
  • Thinking about or nearing military retirement or transition.
  • Are not fans of modern news media or watch the daily stock market ticker.
  • Realize they have a pretty darn good financial opportunity while getting military benefits
  • Focus on the present and what they can control.
  • Realize their is more to life than money and are actively seeking a sense of purpose for why they earn money and what they want to do with it.
  • Are coachable on an individual level and not swayed to blindly follow the mass solutions at a time when global and economic events can't be ignored.

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