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My Interview with Dwayne Paro on the Charlie Mike Podcast

Here are the highlights:

Serving our Great Nation (3:14)

Scott attended West Point and during his senior year 9/11 occurred.  Deployed to Germany and OIF II.  He was short range air defense that was disbanded for a period of time.  He worked with the 52nd Fighter Wing in GE as a liaison for a Joint Command.  Spent time at the Headquarters in Stuttgart GE.  Separated in GE and stayed there for several years.

Transitioning to Entrepreneurship (6:45)

During Scotts time in GE he was a financial analyst which was commissioned based and made him self-employed vs being an entrepreneur.  He did this for years and realized at one time he had the wrong mind set to make the shift to being an entrepreneur.  Certain spaces like being self-employed in the financial sector have many restrictions on what they can do.

As he evaluated the veteran space he realized being an entrepreneur can lead to helping to solve the problem, in particular in the financial...

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The ONE Thing You Absolutely MUST Do Before You Transition Out of the Military

You are beginning, going through, or completing your transition out of the military, which means that you have a secret that is so deep, so dark, and so scary that you probably haven’t shared it with anyone. But I know what your secret is:

You’re scared.

There ― I said it. Transitioning out of the military is scary.

Why is it that after all the dangerous jobs we do in the military, or the crazy things many of us do in our free time, that we are scared about transitioning back into civilian life? Because we simply don’t know what we don’t know. It doesn’t matter how many transition assistance programs or job fairs that we go to, or how many head hunters we talk to.  We may even feel excited about what’s next; but deep inside we don’t know ourselves yet.  We’ve been wearing a uniform and taking orders throughout our entire young adulthood. We willingly sacrifice our individuality in service to our country, and honorably so. But...

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How to Win the Financial Battle as a Recent Military Veteran

You’re a recent military veteran or going to be. Civilian life is calling your name and your goal is to transition intentionally into this new phase of your life. But, transitioning means a lot of changes for you. The food you can eat, the room you sleep in, the people you see, and the places you go on a daily basis all change when you transition from military to civilian life. There’s no doubt that these are big changes.

Another change is your financial responsibility. As a military veteran, it’s now on you to track your military benefits. If you’re looking to get a VA Loan or use the GI Bill, you have to know the details or know someone who can guide you. The same idea holds if you’re going over your Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP), pension, or Thrift Savings Plan (TSP).


It can be an overwhelming feeling to suddenly be responsible for all these important financial decisions. Making decisions about your military benefits is what I describe as the...

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3 Ways We Help You Take Charge of Your Intentional Transition

At Be Financially Fit, we help active duty and recent military veterans take charge of their transition to life as a civilian. Our purpose is to give you the training, resources, and warm community to be successful as a military vet. We can work with you through webinars, masterclass, free paramedical exams, and online financial assessment. Let’s explore how we can help you transition intentionally.

1. Learn Through Webinars and Masterclass

Education is the main way that we share knowledge with our community. I love getting in front of a class with my fellow service members and their families to share my insights. I started out leading my soldiers as a US Army officer and my love for teaching never stopped. In our masterclass and webinars, you’ll learn how to manage your finances and military benefits.

We start out with basic financial management skills to take the first step towards your financial wellness. Then, we take the time to understand your...

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What You Need To Protect Your Family and Legacy Isn't In Your Military Benefits

It's simple. When we join the military, benefits are handed to us. We don't have to decide anything other than maybe adding some next of kin details. We’re taken care of. But what if you want to take matters into your own hands? What if you want to gain control over the future of your family and legacy? Then this is the time to think outside of your well-deserved military benefits and look into private life insurance.

When you enlist, you may realize the importance of having some military or government life insurance in place in case something happens while you’re serving. However, eventually you realize that it’s coming out of your own paycheck at $27-$29 a month. If you take a closer look, you discover that SGLI is a term group life insurance policy. With a group policy, you get lumped into a larger whole where everyone pays a little in case something bad happens to a few.

SGLI is Group Life and You Aren't Rewarded For Your Health

This is an approach that...

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My Guest Appearance on Veteran On The Move Podcast

What have you planned so far for your future? Today I had the pleasure of being interviewed on Joe Crane's Podcast "Veteran On The Move".

Veteran On The Move is all about promoting the ideas, tools and resources available to today’s entrepreneurs. Joe wants to help you find the tools and resources needed to start your own entrepreneurial journey.

During my interview we discussed Helping Veterans Plan Financially for Their Future. I had a chance to share my story and how I got started on my own entrepreneurial journey.  

Tune in to this interview and learn how we can help you live a life with intention!    

“Transitioning out of the military is like experiencing a breakup. It changes the outlook of your future in such a way that you don’t know what is next.” -Scott Tucker

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The ONE Thing You Absolutely MUST Do Before You Transition Out of the Military 

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How To Qualify For The One Thing That’s Not In Your Military Benefits

Joining the military guarantees service members well-deserved benefits. But, what are your options if you want to take control of your transition from the military? There’s one big option that you won’t see in your military benefits, private life insurance. In fact, you may have the potential to qualify for a lower rate than what you’re currently paying into your SGLI.

Private life insurance helps you take command of your family’s future and assets. (To learn more, read: If You Want to Protect Your Family and Legacy, You Won’t Find It In Your Military Benefits) To qualify, we offer our free paramedical exam, which measures your current health status. This includes basic health information such as heart rate, blood pressure, height, and weight. It also involves taking a blood sample to sent to our lab for testing.

We keep our process straight to the point and send you a copy of your final health report after testing is done. Your results will determine...

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Guest Appearance on the Premier Episode of Homefront TV

Homefront Premiere with hosts Eve Nasby and Homefront Founder Daniel Lehman featuring Scott Tucker of Be Financially Fit, LLC.! 

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