How to Win the Financial Battle as a Recent Military Veteran

You’re a recent military veteran or going to be. Civilian life is calling your name and your goal is to transition intentionally into this new phase of your life. But, transitioning means a lot of changes for you. The food you can eat, the room you sleep in, the people you see, and the places you go on a daily basis all change when you transition from military to civilian life. There’s no doubt that these are big changes.

Another change is your financial responsibility. As a military veteran, it’s now on you to track your military benefits. If you’re looking to get a VA Loan or use the GI Bill, you have to know the details or know someone who can guide you. The same idea holds if you’re going over your Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP), pension, or Thrift Savings Plan (TSP).


It can be an overwhelming feeling to suddenly be responsible for all these important financial decisions. Making decisions about your military benefits is what I describe as the “financial battle”.

It’s important that you win the financial battle as soon as possible. Let’s take a minute to understand why. If you wait to make a decision on your TSP, SBP, or another benefit, you may have missed a chance to invest your money and make a return. Making smart decisions early on puts your money in the right places to grow over time. Also, winning the financial battle early on means less stress for you and your loved ones. You can spend more time enjoying your income and using it to live a fulfilling life.

So, what resources are out there to help you win the financial battle? You may turn on the TV and see Suze Orman and Dave Ramsay offer their financial insights. Here’s the catch, though: they are speaking to millions of lower middle-class Americans - NOT you. This means their messages aren’t tailored towards military veterans and their families.

With Be Financially Fit, you’ll find the personalized financial advice and a small-group setting that meets your needs. As a former U.S. Army Major, I can relate to the financial battle that you are facing. I served in Stuttgart, Germany from 2008-2014 and noticed my soldiers missing critical information to manage their military benefits. This knowledge gap motivated me to coach others in financial planning. I started Be Financially Fit to help service members and their families achieve financial security.

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Let’s work together to take hold of the financial battle before it begins. It starts by understanding the one thing that your military benefits don’t provide. Reach out to me through email at, call (619) 940-6605, or schedule an appointment today by clicking here.

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