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Our mission is to educate and inspire you to look inside yourself, find your purpose, and use the unique financial tools and resources available for military and veterans to create an impactful future.


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Here's what we can do together to ensure you have the confidence to take command of your future.

"Reality-Based" Financial Planning

We will be your motivational coach to help you find your new mission. Part of this includes taking responsibility with realistic perspective of historical probabilities in a way that will position you for tremendous opportunities.

Position yourself financially live out your purpose.

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Our Philosophy

How do you answer the question, "who am I if I'm not in the military?" 

Plan your transition with intention using our unique approach to transition that maximizes opportunities for not only wealth, but your life's purpose too. 



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Intentional Money Management

You will need a trusted partner to help grow and protect your wealth. As a fiduciary, we have one mission at Be Financially Fit, help you maximize your opportunities with practical, simple, cost effective and modern financial solutions.  

Be Financially Fit, LLC is an SEC Registered Investment Advisor

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Meet Founder Scott Tucker 

A West Point Graduate, former army officer and best-selling author, Scott Tucker combines his realistic perspective, financial expertise, and life experience to help others prepare financially for the transition back to civilian life.

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Master Your Military Benefits 

Navigating the complex world of VA loans, TSP, Survivor Benefit Plan and pensions can be difficult for even the savviest financial mind. Offering forward-thinking financial education and services, we help make your military benefits work for you.



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